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Text über den Künstler - English
For more than 25 years Skip Arnold has maintained a transgresssive practice of performance, film and installation art.
His work finds its foundations in the historical canons of performance that address and dissect the body politic – confronting the body as politicized, enculturated, but also addressing the body through the lens of humanitarian and ontological inquiries pertaining to strength, endurance, existence, and presence.
Skip Arnold is uncompromising in his work – he does not follow current trends, nor does he get stuck doing the same performances over and over. While he retains certain themes or courses of inquiry (the body, narcissism, the cinematic, dissection of a cultural / or social existence), his work has evolved considerably, especially with his recent sojourn in France.

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SKIP ARNOLD<br /> <em>Shower</em>, 1997<br />Artist took a shower daily in Room #405 from 12-8 p.m. for the duration of an art fair. Visitors could enter the bathroom and converse directly with the artist (and be voyeurs) as he showered.SKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>The Plague,</em> 1984<br />An activity performed at Zero One Gallery. The artist was tied by his wrists and ankles and hung in a 10' tripod. Flashing lights in a dark (black) space and a soundtrack with a litany of obscenities and industrial noise.SKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Scarecrow,</em> 1986<br />An activity performed on Russell´s Flats, Conklin Fords, NY at sunset<br />20:00 minSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Head Shaking #1</em>, 2009<br />16 mm color film transferred onto DVD<br />04:30 minSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Doorstop Brussels</em>, 2007SKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Skip on Time</em>, 2006<br />BrusselsSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Skip on Time</em>, 2006<br />BrusselsSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Speciman, </em>2003<br />Tea Building<br />F EST & Union Projects, LondonSKIP ARNOLD<br />DETAIL <em>Speciman,</em> 2003<br />Tea Building<br />F EST & Union Projects, LondonSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Nove Zomky,</em> 2002SKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Nove Zomky,</em> 2002SKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Grüzi,</em> 2002<br />Performance während ArtI33IBasel / Art UnlimitedSKIP ARNOLD<br />DETAIL <em>Grüzi</em>, 2002<br />Performance während ArtI33IBasel / Art UnlimitedSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Cleaning in China,</em> 2001<br />2nd Open Performance Festival, Bejing, ChinaSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Looking Down On You,</em> 2000<br />3-hour activity using the glass ceiling of the gallery<br />Brussels, BelgiumSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Marquee</em>, 1999<br />Daily 3-hours-activity during the opening of the 7th International Performance Conference.<br />Kunsthaus Glarus, SwitzerlandSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Action #1,</em> 1999<br />Cellar of the Kunsthalle Bern, SwitzerlandSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Kneeding</em>, 1998<br />10-day-activity<br />Paris, FranceSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Untitled Sculpture</em>, 1996SKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Facade</em>, 1996<br />Geneve, SwitzerlandSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>On Display,</em> 1995<br />Burnett Miller Gallery, Santa MonicaSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Office 'Let the Artist Live'</em>, 1994<br />Exit Art, NYCSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Statue LA,</em> 1993<br />Kim Light GallerySKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>On Display,</em> 1993<br />OK, Linz, AustriaSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Melding, </em>1993<br />Linz, AustriaSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Appendage,</em> 1992SKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Appendage (root to a tree)</em>, 1990SKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Gargoyle,</em> 1992<br />24-hours-performance<br />Otis Gallery, LASKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Untitled Statue, </em>1990<br />b/w-photography<br />76 x 60 cmSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Shoot Me,</em> 1990<br />Los AngelesSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>A Sculpture in a Fountain, </em>1988<br />LACE Gallery,<br />Los AngelesSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Closet Corner,</em> 1987<br />Variety Arts Center, Los AngelesSKIP ARNOLD<br /><em>Closet Corner, </em>1987<br />Variety Arts Center, Los Angeles

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Head Shaking #1, 2009
04:30 min
Head Shaking #2, 2009
03:30 min
16 mm Farbfilm überspielt auf DVD

Paris Sessions, 2006-2007
05:51 min

Portrait n°2 Paris, 2005
01:10 min, Loop

Paris December. 2004, 2005
02:00 min, Loop

Cleaning in China, 2004
03:40 min, Loop

Video Films 2005 including:
Paris December 2004 Portrait n°2
Paris December 2004
, 2005
02:00 min, Loop

Video Films. 2002 - 2004 including:
An occurance at Nova Zomky
Axis Powers Tour
Skip in Toronto
Cleaning in China,
Farbvideo, Loop

Palace Theatre, Part of the Cast, 2002

Palace Theatre, Part of the Cast, 2002
01:53 h

Spin, 1999
07:00 min, Loop
Ed. 10

Activities made for TV. 1983-1992 including:
Hood Ornament, PUSH, Mating Call, A Round, Well I was..., Jump, Breathing, Jumping,
Hopscotch, Skip eats an olive, Force, Antagination, Fire Hose, Roll, Marks, Girls in Bikinies,
I have..., Herpies, Hey..., Punch, Hello/Goodbye
, 1983 - 1992

Untitled Feb. 7, 1996 Univ. Miami, FLA, 1996
Farbvideo mit Ton
12:00 min, Loop

Activities made for TV 1983 - 1990
Feb 7, 96, Univ. Miami

Umatic, NTSC, Stereo
34:00 min

Activities made for TV 1983 - 1990
Feb 7, 96, Univ. Miami
34:00 min

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